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Bathory Blood Bath Hex Bomb
Bathory original blood bath bombs are Intense red, this bathbomb is a beautiful sweet baby berry fra..
Black As Your Soul Hex Bomb
Black as your soul pitch black bath bomb! This gothic bathbomb will not stain your skin or tub and s..
Divinity Metallic Hex Bomb
A luxury royal purple metallic bomb 'DIVINTY' is infused with kaolin clay/ Epsom salts and Arnica oi..
Dominion Metallic Hex Bomb
This magical thick metallic bloodbath is filled with skin conditioning ingredients including kaolin ..
Elixir Hex Bomb
Choice of midnight blue or forest green with a refreshing frost mint fragrance, PERFECT for a mornin..
Embers Metallic Hex Bomb
 Shall we bath in flames? "Embers" is a metallic fire bath..
Hell Fury Hex Bomb
Yes it looks like true hellfire!! A DARKER BLOODIER BATH Infused with cherry cupcake fragrant oil, w..
Lore Metallic Hex Bomb
LORE is a luxury silvery white metallic bomb, this is also a skin medicated bomb, great for all skin..
Macabre Hex Bomb
Infused with black cumin seed oil, with koalin clay and epsom salt oh and some sparkles!!! Micr..
Magenta Gloom Hex Bomb
magenta pink gloom... plum fragrance is to die for, skin conditioning and softening with added epsom..
Nether Metallic Hex Bomb
Welcome to the "NETHER" a black metallic bomb, infused with kaolin clay, Epsom salts and avocad..
Nightmare Hex Bomb
A pure purple nightmarish explosion infused with lilac fragrant oils vegan 100g (glitter added by cu..
Rebirth Metallic Hex Bomb
Want to bathe in liquid emeralds? The wicked witch would be proud!❇️ Rebirth is a metallic emerald b..
Samhain Hex Bomb
SAMHAIN BATH BOMB- pumpkin & nectarine fragrance , a beautiful burnt orange colour, made with ka..
Serpent Hex Bomb
Serpent bath bomb! pure electric green explosion inside, infused with choc chip cookie fragrant oil!..
Spectre Hex Bomb
 The spectre bathbomb is mist white, this ghostly bomb is skin conditioning and medicated. it c..
Visions Metallic Hex Bomb
Visions- a golden metallic, infused with kaolin clay, Epsom salts, green tea powder and honey s..
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